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As our world becomes increasingly connected, people, communities and businesses look to aviation for opportunities that were unimaginable just a few decades ago.
Shell Aviation has always been committed to working in close collaboration with our customers to help them achieve their ambitions.
It is this spirit of collaboration that has enabled us to support aviation’s pioneers for over 100 years. From powering the flights of early aviators like Louis Blériot and Amy Johnson, to designing the combustion chamber that enabled Frank Whittle’s jet engine to get airborne, Shell has played a role in making air travel accessible.

Our customers need more than fuel and lubricants to ensure optimal performance, they need a partner committed to driving their business forward. Every day we push the boundaries of research and development in order to find ways to better serve our customers. Our team of specialist aviation scientists work at a specialist aviation research facility in the United States, where they explore and create new and innovative premium fuels and additives. They can also draw on the expertise of Shell scientists around the world that develop fuels for other sectors.

We also play a leadership role in developing standards and best practices across safety, ops and product quality with industry collaborations such as:
  • IATA –25 year strategic partnership (since 2004)
  • SAE International
  • Defence Standards
  • Joint Inspection Group, Federal Aviation Administration , ASTM, Coordinating Research Council.
  • Energy Institute
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Copyright 2024 All rights reserved!
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